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Epilepsy Domain

Key People

Project Summary


The aim of this screen is to identify mutations that alter susceptibility to seizures.


Two types of screens are being employed:

  1. Seizure induction by hyperthermia:

    In humans, febrile seizures occur in infants (6 months to 5 years) and are associated with a rise in body temperature. We will simulate febrile seizures in infant mice (14-15 days old) by subjecting them to whole body hyperthermia.

  2. Seizure induction by methyl-beta-carboline 3-carboxylate:

    Methyl-beta-carboline 3-carboxylate (&beta-CCM) is an inverse agonist of the GABA-A receptor. Mice experience seizures of varying severity after receiving peritoneal injections of &beta- CCM.

Other Information

Protocols and procedures